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During Your Stay | FAQ’s

To help ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay at Moana Lodge, we offer a range of on-site services and facilities.  Please see below some further information that may help you, including commonly asked questions.


Are there any on-site facilities to store excess luggage during our stay?

Yes there is.  Simply come and talk to us at our Reception Desk and we can help store any excess luggage that you would like.  All luggage is stored in a safe and secure place. 


Can we store our passports and any valuables in a locked safe? 

Yes you can.  Our staff can happily store such items in our lock-up safe, so that you have peace of mind that these items are safe and secure.


Is there a contact phone number that we can call if there are unexpected happenings during the night and we would like to contact a staff member?

Yes, our Out Of Hours Emergency Phone Number is 022 154 3540.  Please note, this number really is for situations that require immediate attention, and if your concern could be dealt with the next morning at our Reception Desk please wait till then.  As part of our standard management practice, we always have staff residing on-site, ensuring we can quickly address any unexpected situation.


Can we get a top-up of our Wi-Fi allocation?

Yes you can.  On arrival, all guests are allocated with an initial allowance of 2GB, and we are pleased to offer this at no charge to our guests.  If you would like a top-up during your stay, simply come and see us at our Reception Desk.  We can happily extend your initial Wi-Fi allocation, also at no charge.


What hours is your Reception Desk open?

Our Reception Desk is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.  If you know you will be arriving after 8 p.m., just let us know and we can make suitable arrangements for your late arrival.


If we are allocated to a room, and we would like to switch to an alternative room, is this an option?

We definitely try to make sure our guests have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.  If you would like to switch rooms to an alternative option, simply let us know, and if another room is available we will try our best to oblige.


Have we got the option to upgrade to an alternative room?

If on arrival, you decide you would like to upgrade to one of our beachfront rooms with great sea views, simply let us know.  We can certainly try our best to upgrade you to one of our premium rooms, and you would naturally incur the respective charge for that room.


If we would like some additional blankets or bedding can these be provided?

Yes they can.  We usually put what we consider to be suitable level of bedding on each bed, for each respective season.  However, we do appreciate that some individuals prefer more bedding, so simply come and approach us at our Reception Desk and we can provide extra blankets, pillows etc.


If we have an allergy to the provided bedding or duvets, have you got alternative bedding?

Yes we do.  If you find you are allergic to our feather duvets, or any other aspect of our bedding, please just let us know at our Reception Desk and we can find you alternative bedding.


Guests Behaviour during Your Stay

As we are a backpackers with a number of guests on-site, we request that all guests are respectful and considerate to fellow guests.  We like to provide all guests with a pleasant environment, enjoyable for all.  As part of this, we request that excessive noise is kept to a minimum during the hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.  This helps ensure all fellow guests can rest and relax and enjoy a full night’s sleep.  Please appreciate that during these night hours other fellow guests are trying to sleep, and are often tired from their travels. 


Cleanliness of Our Facilities

We take great pride in providing facilities that are kept clean and tidy for all our guests.  With all our bathroom facilities and shared communal areas, we undertake a main clean each morning, 7 days a week.  This is followed up with a further clean and tidy, which occurs throughout the day, as and when required.


If we are staying a number of days how often are the rooms serviced?

As part of our standard management practice, with most guests staying less than one week, most rooms are serviced at the point of check out.  However, if you would like your room to be serviced or have towels / sheets etc changed on a daily basis, just let us know.  For visitors staying for one week or longer, our standard practice is to service your room on a weekly basis. 


Can we pay for our stay with cash and not credit card?

Yes you can.  We appreciate that for many overseas travellers that paying by cash is the preferred option to avoid unnecessary exchange-rate fees.  Nearby in Plimmerton Village, there is an ATM machine located on the footpath side of the Four Square superette.


Heating in individual rooms

All rooms include an oil filled heater, suitable in size for each respective room.  With this type of heating, being exceptionally safe, you can leave the heater running on overnight to keep you warm.  In addition, all beds are fitted with an electric blanket.  If for some unknown reason, there is an issue with your electric blanket or heater, please let us know and we will happily address this.


If there is any other aspect we can help you with during your stay please just come and talk to us at our Reception Desk. 

Where possible, we will happily assist you with your requirement as we want our guests to have a very pleasant and enjoyable stay.  And if you have suggestions for how we can improve our services or facility we are always open to hearing these suggestions.  We take great pride in being a 5 Star Backpackers, and this includes not only our facilities but also our level of service.


Enjoy your stay and we look forward to meeting you.

From the team at Moana Lodge